Friday, October 16, 2009

Day of the Dead Drawings

These are each 5.5" x 4.25" (I cut them so it's not too horribly precise) and are Sharpie permanent markers, Pilot metallic paint pens, Sharpie Paint Pens (not so much as they're better on less permeable materials and kind of fizzle on paper), and this 12 marker bunch of "Skerple" pens I got for $1.50. I didn't realize they weren't Sharpies until I'd been using them for a couple of hours. I was thinking how crappy the tips were on this batch and how funky the cap colors were and... Oh yeah, that says "Skerple," not "Sharpie." For $1.50 I got a bunch of stinky, permanent water color marker things that look almost exactly like Sharpies.

...and they smell like hell as well.

So anyway, click here to visit the set of my Day of the Dead drawings. Here are a couple of pages for your edification:
2009 DOD skulls p4 color

2009 DOD skulls p3 musicians

2009 DOD skulls p5 color