Thursday, March 11, 2010

Music: RPM Challenge

057-365 DSCN3799

So once again this year I sent a CD to Wired Magazine's RPM Challenge.  I had originally planned on creating an 8 song concept album which I planned out, recorded a draft of one song, and wrote and partially recorded the music for two more songs.  At the same time I was moving from one house to another and after about a week of 8 or more hours a day of moving stuff I realized I was going to have to ditch the concept album idea all together.  I can't remember how but I decided to do two pieces with mostly guitars that beat the 35 minute limit.  I got two nights to work on it and I managed to crank out something that fit the requirements.  It really does have its moments but a lot of those are countered by the other moments.  Give it a listen: