Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some Music

1-Lyre of the Wasteland


3-The Secret of the Serpent Fish


A Dream

Swimming in a large pool overlooking the ocean.  Can see out to the horizon where a blimp sets down into the water among many white ships.  Pool is very white with a large apron.  Far back there are monks self-immolating, kneeling nose to ground before lighting.  For some reason I and one of the two friends that are also swimming decide to join the monks.  When we tell a monk this he is not surprised and leads us to an indoor pool.  While in there some kind of bubble swarm begins to move around us in the water making the burning more and more attractive.  Suddenly a grey-ish translucent thing shaped like a stingray though more rounded begins pushing me from below, waking me from what feels like a trance.  The pool barely has a rim and there are windows that come all the way down.  I drag my companion, who is in a froth of bubbles, to a window which I pull out of the frame.  The monks just observe this without reaction.