Monday, February 16, 2009

Psychotronic Cave Band

Last weekend was the Psychotronic Jug Band reunion sessions. Boo LaCrosse drove up from Atlanta while Rick Sinai braved New Orleans airport security to fly to Louisville. We pretty much recorded from noon until one or two in the morning for three days straight. As the man sitting in the control seat I will just say that it was grueling. A lot of fun but hard work.

We will release these sessions before the end of the month for the RPM Challenge. There are still tracks to be recorded for almost all the songs so I doubt the RPM Challenge album will be "The Album." Either way, as soon as the album is complete, you'll get to hear it.


  1. Look forward to it. Sounds like it was a fun session. I miss making music.

  2. We had a blast. I was absolutely exhausted when we finished. We got some good time rock and roll out of it, that's for sure.