Sunday, May 17, 2009

Death by Computer

A couple of days ago I was working on mixing a song when my computer froze. This is an extremely rare occurrence (compared with my old Windows 98 machine) and I have always been able to recover my work when I get the computer restarted. This time things did not go well. When I got the computer back up and running I started the program I use for music, Ableton Live, and it was as if I had just installed it for the first time. It didn't know where the music libarary was, where the VST's were stored, and worst of all, when I tried to open the session I was working on when the system crashed, it was "corrupted." Several days of careful drum programming, tweaking of levels, measure by measure work of leveling out the three vocal parts, all the guitar effects, volume, panning, reverb sends, etc. that were contained in the session file are gone. If I were to sit down and repeat all the work I did on this song it would take me several full days. The question I have to ask myself is, "Will I?"

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