Friday, June 12, 2009

Update and New Music

My deepest apologies for going so long without an update or at least an interesting picture or something.

Since the last post Boo came to visit and we completed a Psychotronic Jug Band song we started on the internet. I've since fleshed it out a bit and I'm waiting for some tracks from Rick before I call it finished. It is called "Glass" and here is the latest mix of it. This is not meant for release so please delete after listening, and burn your computer just to make sure. Thanks.

I have this fascination with graffiti. I've earned a living at one point with an air brush and t-shirts and I currently use spray paint in my art. But what these guys do, building from a base up to the finished product, that shit can be amazing.

The technocar is growing fins. I've done the initial fiberglass layer on the passenger side fin. I'm going to do a second layer of fiberglass to really stiffen it up before I begin shaping it with Bondo.

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