Saturday, August 15, 2009

Richie Havens

I did sound for Richie Havens once. Meaning I set up a p.a. with two mics for him in a record store. But I met him before and was there at the mixer through the set. He was amazing. So kind, just glowing from within... he is one of those people that you can see is special and that you feel is looking into you when he speaks to you.

Anyway, a girl who worked at the store part time also taught second grade in the French Quarter and had brought her class to see Richie Havens play. He played his whole show directly to the children, only occasionally glancing at the adults with a smile. It was utterly magical to watch this man hold these children spellbound for an entire set. His set had nothing to do with his last album or what he had rehearsed with a band, he was simply making those children dance and watch him and loving it and them and everything.

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