Monday, March 16, 2009

Cinematic Dream

I had a very strange, movie-like dream this morning that I'll try to describe.

The opening shot is of a guy on a rock ledge squatting down by a pool of water in a depression in the rock. He has a shaved head and has just ducked his head in the pool. He stands and lets out a joyous shout, the camera pulls back and up, turning to the right as the man walks to the edge. As the camera pulls back the view opens to a shot straight down a nearly vertical, snow covered slope with a bay and the ocean far below and more mountains marching away to the left. The camera then plunges over the edge as a writhing mass of people come sliding by, kicking up a huge cloud of snow. There is some kind of organization to this and there's some kind of sail boat (dark blue and green with the sails furled and the masts fastened down to the deck) in their midst. There's a lot of shouting and they're obviously trying to go as fast as possible and control the boat and themselves. The camera is right in the middle of this chaos but it is moving a little slower than the people so it backs out of the flashing snow, arms, legs, and flash of the boat cloud of blinding snow and shouting people. It becomes apparent that they're all roped together and as the camera drops behind the mass of people the thick rope comes to a single person at the rear with an oversized climbing axe who is obviously controlling their speed by digging in. He is fighting to keep them under control, huge rainbows of snow spewing from the tip of the axe. Along the route are turbine heaters and at one point the brakeman gets too close to one and the thick rope is badly singed, part of the outer sheath melts. There is a new sense of danger though the rope appears to be holding.

There is a sudden shift and we're in an empty room with dark green walls and ceiling. Through an open, vaulted door (from a green hallway) comes a black woman with a little bit of gray hair holding a plaque (around 12" x 16") of some sort in her hand. She's talking about how this is the 99th time her team has won and how she needs room to hang all of them as she gestures around the empty room. A red couch and a large oak desk are brought in as she bitches about her husband's mobiles* that are being hung in the corner and along the left had wall. He explains them to a man (vaguely resembles my uncle, Dan) who has flopped down on the couch and a girl (possibly my girlfriend Tari) who stands nearby. The mobiles are specially made to tune contact with another world, place, or dimension. While this is going on the plaques are being hung on the wall.

There is a brief glimpse of the boat being carried to the water over jagged rocks and large gravel by the team that has made it safely to the bottom despite the bad rope. All the people appear to be badly beaten up and the brakeman is lying still at the edge of the snow above them.

Back in the room which now has three or four mobiles hanging and the walls covered with plaques we can hear the sounds of conflicts coming from a spot in the middle of the left wall up where it meets the ceiling. The sound is clear yet removed and the black man says this is from another place. It sounds as if a group of men has forced entry into a room and a child's voice is warning them they'd better leave. There is sound of violence from the men, obviously hurting the child and then suddenly the men begin to scream. There are more sounds of violence but now extreme like cracking bones and ripping flesh, the bodies of big men being slammed against walls. Suddenly it ends and the child's voice says, "I warned you." The black man then explains that they gave the child power just by listening and that it is important they continue.

Unfortunately I woke up at this point and don't know if the team won their bizarre sport, giving the woman her hundredth plaque, or if the powers concentrated by the mobiles become understood. It sure was entertaining in my head, though.

I had this sense the movie intentionally would not resolve any of the stories, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers.

*the suspended pieces of the mobile appear to be stitched leather pockets or pillows that are various muted dark colors, maroons, browns, greens, with metallic blues and grays almost as if they were metallic that was painted but then the paint was wiped or worn away around the stitches. He explains that they are painted foil to best focus the waves.

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