Friday, March 13, 2009

Mid-March Update

Today is Friday the 13th of March and it is also a full moon. That might explain why I just spent several hours in a parking lot swapping out starters for my van.

Earlier in the day I moved the Technocar over to my shop in Smoketown and put it up on rollers so I could move it around the garage. Despite the 1000 pound limit for each of the four dollies I sat it on (car weighs 1600lbs and the dollies should be able to support 4000 pounds), moving it is nowhere near as easy as I hoped. The casters just were not meant to roll and rotate under anywhere close to that much weight. But it can be rolled around if I can get my feet planted against and it sits a little higher, making working on the sides that much easier. The plan here is for the car to begin sprouting various and sundry fins constructed with fiberglass over a wooden frame. The poor car

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